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We LOVE Crafts

We LOVE Crafts: Activity for PreK-2 Grade

It’s love month! February is a fun time at Mighty Kids for so many reasons. We love chocolate (hint hint), showing love for our wonderful families, and making valentines with all our kiddos. Our occupational therapists especially love crafts, as they are a fun way to work on goals including fine motor work, cutting, drawing, hand-eye coordination, and overall hand strength. These skills are particularly important to develop before kids learn how to write. And, the more they practice, the better they’ll get. So why not make work fun!? You can find a million fine motor activities floating around on Pinterest or just by googling it. Today, we are sharing an activity that can help build up some of those fine motor skills while also getting in the mood for more Valentine’s Day fun.

*Activity From TeacherPayTeachers

Liana Martinez, M.A. CCC-SLP


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