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Physical Therapy

Evaluations & Therapy

Mighty Kids Physical Therapy Will Help Your Child:

Move & play with ease
Strengthen important muscles
Coordinate body movements
Keep up with physical activities
Increase range of motion
Reduce toe walking
Child doing physical therapy exercises on big exercise ball

Signs That Your Child Will Benefit From Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children overcome challenges impacting their ability to play and move independently. Your child may benefit from an evaluation with a physical therapist (PT) if they are: 

  • Not meeting motor milestones on time

  • Struggling to keep up with peers during physical activities and play activities

  • Demonstrating muscle weakness or "floppy" body

  • Clumsy or seem to have poor coordination

  • Walking on their toes

  • Known to have had a brain injury or developmental neurological disorder

  • An infant with head flattening or a head tilt

Disorders We Treat

We support children with the following challenges:

  • Low muscle tone

  • Gross motor delays

  • Developmental coordination disorders

  • Toe walking

  • Neurological impairments

  • Torticollis​

Child playing at the park for physical therapy
Comprehensive Evaluations

Physical therapy evaluations assess your child's ability to move and play. Evaluations typically consist of a thorough caregiver interview to understand your concerns and goals, as well as observations and interactions with the child to see their skills in action. Depending on the reason for the evaluation, a standardized assessment may be administered to understand how your child's skills are developing relative to same-age children. Together, we will make a treatment plan to help your child reach their full potential!

Our Therapy Approach

Physical therapists at Mighty Kids Therapy make sessions playful, engaging, and effective! We use the latest research along with a therapeutic play model to make sure that your child reaches their goals, all while building connections and having fun. We also encourage caregivers to be involved in the therapy process to help support new skills outside of the clinic. Parents, family members, and guardians are always welcome to join in on sessions to see what we are doing and learn helpful strategies to implement at home with confidence. 

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Mighty Kids Therapy serves children and families in the Greater Austin, TX area, including:
Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Georgetown, and Leander.

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