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Aquatic Therapy

Mighty Kids Aquatic Therapy Will Help Your Child:

Move & play with ease
Strengthen important muscles
Coordinate body movements
Reduce muscle tightness
Exercise without joint pain
Feel motivated to move

Want to see an aquatic therapy session in action?

Child and physical therapist smiling in aquatic therapy session

Signs That Your Child Will Benefit From Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is the use of water to support therapy goals. It can be a great complement or alternative to land-based therapy. Your child may benefit from aquatic therapy sessions if they: 

  • Enjoy water!

  • Are prone to elopement or wandering

  • Suffer from muscle tightness or spasticity

  • Have joint pain

  • Find it difficult to move on land

  • Experience low muscle tone or muscle weakness

  • Are not participating well in land-based therapy

Why Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water to support therapy goals. While in the water, hydrostatic pressure can help your child develop a greater awareness of their body and movements, which improves muscle coordination. Water also provides resistance which allows for muscle strengthening without too much stress on joints. The buoyancy properties allow children to practice skills that they aren’t quite ready to do on land. Plus, aquatic therapy provides a calming and regulating environment for children who struggle with attention and self-regulation. These are just a few of the many benefits of aquatic therapy!

Child playing in the pool water in aquatic therapy session
Comprehensive Evaluations

Evaluations for aquatic therapy are performed by a physical therapist, including a caregiver interview to understand your concerns and goals, as well as interactions with the child to see their skills in action. Depending on the reason for the evaluation, a standardized assessment may also be administered. Together, we will determine whether aquatic therapy, land-based therapy, or a combination of both will be best for your child.

Our Therapy Approach

Physical therapists at Mighty Kids Therapy make aquatic sessions safe and effective! The water is a natural motivator, which helps children engage and get the most out of therapy, and it has many properties that support therapeutic goals. Parents and caregivers will attend each session to see their child's progress in action, and our therapists will provide resources and activities to do at home that will help continue their success outside of the pool.

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Mighty Kids Therapy serves children and families in the Greater Austin, TX area, including:
Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Georgetown, and Leander.

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