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  • Anna Chmiel

Brain Break Resources

Need some kid-friendly brain break videos to get your kids moving during this quarantine?

Having a hard time finding videos that also aid in meeting your child’s therapy goals?

Please see below for links viewed and approved by Mrs. Brittany, one of our occupational therapists!

Brain break videos are great to use in the following instances:

  • Frustration during homework time

  • After waking up to become alert before learning

  • After learning time to shake off all the frustration

  • Before bed time to help get out the wiggles

  • Before meal time to aid in having a quiet body during table time meals

  • To break up screen time

All videos are approximately 3-4 minutes to ensure children sustain attention throughout.

Do you have any favorites? Let us know!

The learning station:


Jack Hartmann:


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